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Top 5 Website Trends in 2020

It’s time to look into the future of your digital presence. We’re not psychics but we do know a thing or two about websites (actually, it’s our whole reason for being). So we’ve put together 5 of the top website trends that will be taking off in 2020 so you can get cracking on future-proofing your website and take your digital marketing to the next level.

1. Simplicity

2020 will see minimalist websites reign supreme. We’re talking about white space and lots of it. Picture white-framed designs to make content jump out and lots of breathing room for copy.

minimalism design trend 2020

With more white on the page, the use of limited colour palettes will really pop. Navigation will get the same stripped back treatment, with simplicity accommodating the use of smaller screens, such as on mobiles and smartwatches.

2. Voice Tech

Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant are changing the way users engage with the internet. Why type when you can call out to your virtual assistant? Yes, we’re all bosses now.

Websites will be optimising their content for voice search with structured snippets and copy that better caters to question-based voice searches.

3. Micro-Interactions

Forget microaggressions, these are happy little digital moments and they’ll be sprouting up on more websites more often. You’ve probably already experienced a few: when Facebook’s ‘Like’ thumb wiggles at you after you click it when you upload a file and the status bar satisfyingly goes from 0 to 100%, when you hover over a Call-to-Action button and it gets a little bigger.

These all turn the browsing experience into something more sensory, they reinforce a user’s actions and provide a sense of validation. Simply put, they feel good.

4. 3D Visuals

“That isn’t new” I hear you say. And you’re right. 3D visuals have been around for years but the cost of producing them has only now reached a point for wider adoption.

While lower price tags on their creation will see more websites use them, the extent of use will need to be weighed up against load speeds. ‘3D lite’ design effects will also be making a splash, such as floating elements and soft shadows.

5. Imperfections

We’re not talking about glitches, errors or oversights but instead the very intentional introduction of something a little more human and a little less machine.

Hand-drawn images or animations are a perfect example of how imperfections can add a more natural look in a sea of pixel-perfect websites. Expect to see more of these kinds of design elements as businesses explore how imperfections can better capture their humanity and their unique brand identity.

Now you’ve got a glimpse into the future, is your website ready for it?

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