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Building on Wild Voice Adventure's brand

Wild Voice Adventures existing brand had lots of potential so we used it a starting point to build, develop and use it to inspire and connect with the audience.

wild voice webiste mock up


Inspire and connect

We wanted to be sure that from the moment you land on the website you would be inspired in to action. We use a mix of photography and bold headlines to get our message across fast.

Using animated transitions adds some dynamic interest to the page whilst also telling the visitor what Wild Voice Adventures is all about.


A brand built on nature

Wild Voice is all about connecting with nature. We built upon the existing logo by creating an earthy colour palette to match the different holiday destinations.

Colour can help to define the user journey as well making it easier for people to navigate.

We felt that photography would also be vital to the brand identity and we combined it with a graphic square to create a visual hook that can be recognised across all media.


Tapping into your fanbase

There was already a strong fan base for Wild Voice Adventures on Facebook so we wanted to build upon the existing audience.

We create a monthly schedule of posts with the aim of promoting Wild Voice and engaging with its audience.

It's vital to examine and adapt to how your posts are received, building on those with the most engagements and testing what works best.