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A brand with soul

The Real Soul Choir are a fun, funky, diverse and inclusive choir that needed a brand identity and website to match.

the real soul choir branding


Changing perceptions

Choirs can have a reputation for only attracting middle-aged women and whilst there's nothing wrong with that : ) we wanted to make sure the brand would appeal and attract everyone with a passion for singing regardless of their background.


A brand that sings!

When you start to create a logo there's a trap that many designers often fall into. If you were to search for choir logos you would quickly find thousands of logos with song notes and treble clefs.

We wanted to encapsulate the choir's modern outlook combine it with a sense of energy without resorting to overused imagery. So we created a simple monotone colour scheme that would appeal to both men and women and a minimalistic modern style logo.



Use illustration to elevate your brand identity

The Real Soul Choir is all about people and we wanted to reflect that through the use of illustrations. The illustrations are designed to show the diverse makeup of the choir and give an immediate sense that you are welcome regardless of your age background or race.