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Healing the hurt.

KidsAid are a Northampton based charity providing therapeutic support for children and young people who have suffered any form of trauma. We approached KidsAid as part of our HATCH Bank initiative to help local charities with their design and marketing needs.

Inspiring and educating.

Our goal was to create a new brand identity to showcase the inspiring work of KidsAid. The bright colours and rainbow motif combine to create a positive feeling. The letters in "KIDS" are interlinked to suggest a sense of togetherness and the rainbow motif gives it a sense of movement and action.


Getting noticed, getting results.

The website is a place to discover and learn more about the work of KidsAid whilst also making it easy for people to donate if they wish.


Dont forget print.

With everyone focusing on digital it's easy to forget the power of printed materials. We created a fold out leaflet to give people a quick overview of Kidsaid that can be given away at events and fundraisers.


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