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How Much Should a New Website Cost?

In 2019 the average cost for a small business website is £2000 – £8000. But the more important question you need to ask is what do I get for my money. Many agencies can offer websites for a low cost simply because they use the same templates for every customer. But in our experience, a lot of businesses are left feeling unhappy, underserviced and confused by the whole process.

Q’s To Ask Your Web Design Agency

To help you dodge the pitfalls of commissioning a new website. Here are a few questions you should ask your web design agency before you hand over your hard-earned cash:

1. How Will My Website Help Me Meet My Business Goals?

website goal success

This seems like an obvious question but it’s one that often gets forgotten. Why do you need a website and what are you trying to achieve? Your web design agency should help you to discover these goals and use it as the focus for your design.

2. How Many Unique Pages Will I Get?

Most web design agencies base their price on the amount of unique pages they need to design. A unique page refers to a web page which is designed from scratch. All subsequent pages which use the unique design can then be easily replicated with only the content needing to be changed.

3. Will My Website Be Responsive?

It’s an absolute must these days that your website is mobile responsive. Make sure that the site will be designed to work on all devices and that the user journey works on mobile, tablet and desktop.

4. Will My Site Collect Customer Data?

A website is the perfect place to collect your customers data but you also need to make sure that you are complying with GDPR regulations. Make sure your web design agency understand the implications of collecting user data.

5. Will I Be Able To Update My Website Myself?

If you want to update the website yourself then make sure that your site will have a content management system that is easy to use. If you want to use your agency for updates then be sure to understand how much it will cost for each update.

6. Will My Website Be Secure?

secure website cost ssl

You may have noticed that sites that are secure have a small padlock next to the web address. This is called an SSL certificate. Make sure that you web design agency uses SSL certificates and find out if it’s included in the price.

7. How Much Do I Have To Pay For Hosting?

Once you have paid for your site you will normally have to pay a monthly hosting charge. Be sure to understand the costs and also what you are paying for.

8. When Will My Website Be Ready?

Agree clear time-lines with your web design agency and never pay the full amount upfront. Insist on deadlines and approval dates so you can be sure your website will be delivered on time and as you expected.

9. I’ve Got a New Website, What Now?

It’s great having a shiny new website but how will people discover it and is it working as you intended. Make sure that you have all the tools in place to monitor the effectiveness of your new site. Use google analytics to learn how people are browsing the site and make changes to increase your sites effectiveness.

At YUMYUM, we make the website design process as transparent as possible, with 3 simple packages, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Get in touch today for more information.