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Words are your secret weapon

Creative copywriting with SEO can help you to resonate with your target audience. Speak to your web site visitor in a language they can understand and you're more likely to turn those visitors into customers.

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Website copy package



We start by understanding your business, its goals and your target audience so we can create copy that resonate with them.


Tone of voice

Developing a tone of voice is an important step in supporting your overall brand identity. Words are powerful, you can be safe, controversial, professional, fun, relaxed and playful. But ultimately it's about finding the right tone of voice to attract your target audience.


On-site SEO

In order for Google to understand what your website is about it will examine the copy on your website for keywords. So it's important that those keywords are included in the copy.


Per page pricing

In order to make things simple we've come up with a per page price regardless of the word count.


Up to 3 revisions

You'll have the chance to revise your copy up to 3 times so we can get your website copy just right.


Expert knowledge

We partner with Cahoot to supply your web site copy. Cahoot are a team of copywriters with expert knowledge in every sector.

Need words?
We've got plenty

Want to get your website copy in shape? Get in touch today, we'd love to hear from you. Rather talk to a human? Then give us a call on 01604 879 776.