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TUTS: a retro vibe

TUTS are a well-established construction training provider. We undertook a complete refresh of their brand identity and website.

Tuts logo black and white
yellow toy construction truck


A brand that shouts construction

We really lent into the construction look and feel. Choosing a colour palette that is synonymous with the construction industry.

The logo has a retro vibe which is brought up to date by slicing into the letters. We use a black and white colour palette to give the logo a no nonsense attitude.


A high quality service needs a high quality website

The website needed to provide the user with a wealth of information but it was also important that we showed that TUTS are always there to help.

Throughout the user journey we encourage the customer to contact TUTS so they can help them find the course they need and the sales process can be kickstarted.

tuts new website design

Re-use and recycle

Creating a new brand doesn't have to mean chucking out everything old. We re-used old video of the TUTS site by cutting out any obvious reference to the old logo and making it black and white to fit the new brand identity.

construction polo uniform mock-up


Looking the part

It's important to carry the brand through all your interactions with your customers. The workwear reinforces the brand and can also give your co-workers a stronger sense of belonging.

Using your brand at every touchpoint strengthens the companies identity and allows your customers to form a connection which can help keep a business top of mind for the future.


From website to on-site

Strongly branded signage completes the TUTS customer's journey from website to on-site. The strong brand colours and logo design enables the signage to stand out and be easily recognised.

Take every opportunity to engage your customer in the brand identity and your customers will form a connection with your business.

tuts signage brand yellow


Protecting your brand

When you invest in a new brand identity it's important to protect it. A brand guide is a comprehensive document that details how to use the correct logos, colours, fonts etc. You can share this with your designers and co-workers to make sure the integrity of your brand stays intact.

brand guide construction company

Looking for a new website and brand identity?

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