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The Key to Branding a Successful Business in Milton Keynes

If you have a business in the busy Milton Keynes district, marketing can be one of your biggest challenges. With so many businesses competing for attention, it’s hard to really make your marketing stand out. We’re going to cover some invaluable marketing and branding tips that you need to get noticed in a commercially dense town.

Perks of Having a Business in Milton Keynes

Before we get into the tips, we just want to put your mind at ease that, despite the competition, setting up business in a busy town like Milton Keynes isn’t a bad idea. In fact, it makes a whole lot of sense and is worth the extra effort required to make a splash.

1. Networking Opportunities

two people networking on bench

Of course, everyone and their dog has a LinkedIn profile at this point. Once you manage to filter through all of the ‘pick me’ and ‘aren’t I a great human being’ posts, there are actually some great opportunities for networking.

However, nothing quite beats the old-fashioned way of popping into another office for a chat about partnerships with a cup of tea and biscuits (now that you won’t get on LinkedIn). Being in Central Milton Keynes means that it’ll be easier to find these kinds of people to talk to, and you could even get to them on your lunch break walk.

2. Access to talent

Another perk of being in a busy commercial hub is having access to a pool of talent. There is such a diverse workforce out there, waiting for the right opportunity. You might just be the one to give it to them.

3. Space to grow

Imagine you’ve bought an office space on a village high street. You’ve managed to get your 2 desks in and that’s about it, but it’s ok because that’s all you need. That is until your business starts to blossom and grow. Unfortunately, you’re unlikely to get planning permission to build the extra storey you need.

In a town like Milton Keynes, there is always plenty of open space for your business to expand based on its needs. It’s a fast-moving place, so you can always guarantee that the perfect office space for you will be waiting, as and when you need it.

How To Make Your Milton Keynes Business Stand Out

So, now we’ve convinced you you’re in the right place, how can you make the most of your situation? How can you get your business to be the talk of the town?

1. Get to know your customers

These are the people who are going to be solely responsible for the growth of your business. The message you put out to them and how you interact with them is going to influence whether or not they choose to support you.

You need to really get to know who your customers are. What are their interests? What social class are they in? Where do they buy their groceries? What breed of dog do they own? What’s their karaoke song of choice?

You’re essentially wanting to go on a blind date with your ‘ideal customer’ and build up a picture of exactly what makes them tick and what they want from you. Once you’ve got a good idea of who your customers are, every action you take as a business should be tailored to them. Marketing material, colour schemes, social posts, taglines… it’s all for them.

2. Get creative

banksy creativity branding

We aren’t asking you to paint a replica of the Mona Lisa or graffiti your office Banksy-style (although that would be one way to get some press coverage). When we say get creative, we mean finding unique ways to make your business memorable in a crowded market.

This could be by taking a risk with a controversial marketing campaign, breaking the mould with your brand values or just simply designing a really striking logo. At YUMYUM, we’re all about branding and marketing, so are well-equipped to bring your visions to life. 

3. Get social

Don’t forget all those networking opportunities we mentioned earlier! You’re going to need those here. Reach out to like-minded businesses in Milton Keynes and organise a meeting about partnerships. You may find that your goals align in such a way that means you could make a bigger wave as a team.

You don’t just have to stick to traditional socialising either. The internet is there, so use it. So many more customers now look to social media to keep up with their favourite brands and to vet new brands. Staying active on social media builds up a really positive relationship with existing customers and will help to attract new ones.

If you get your face-to-face and digital socialising down to a fine art, you’re sure to build up a successful business in no time.

4. Get realistic

marketing tracking

While working on your marketing efforts is time well spent, it’s important not to get suckered into the trap that many people do; impatience. Good marketing is a marathon, not a sprint; a trip to the moon, not to Spain; a game of Monopoly, not Buckaroo. You get the picture.

You aren’t going to see any effects as soon as a marketing campaign is released. These things take time to make an impact. The likelihood is that your first, second or third marketing campaign isn’t going to go viral. In fact, neither will your tenth or sixtieth; especially for small businesses.

We need to rein in expectations and focus on goals. We don’t necessarily want to go viral, we want to reach a specific bunch of people in our target market. Keep your eyes on the prize and stay patient. It often takes time to build up a reputation, but by working on your marketing efforts, you’ll be heading in the right direction. 

To summarise, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to standing out in a crowded district, like Milton Keynes. Staying true to your business goals and values is going to be what will get you noticed.

Really work hard on defining your ideal customer and then build all strategies around that person. Think outside the box. Socialise with businesses and customers, both online and in person. Remember that you won’t become no.1 overnight, success takes time (and a bucket load of effort).

Why not start a chat with our team today about creating a brand that stands out for your Milton Keynes business? Fill out a contact form or give us a ring on 01604 879 776.