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Posts by Hannah Deegan

Choosing The Right Colour Palette For Your Brand

brand colour palette scheme

Choosing the right colour palette adds to the whole brand experience and will make your brand look and feel put together. But with so many colours to choose from, how do you know which colour palette will work best? Here are some of the features that you should have a think about when pulling a…

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The Seven Deadly Marketing Sins: Are You Guilty?

red light marketing sins

Many people are under the impression that marketing is easy. Unfortunately, this mindset often leads to a series of errors which we like to call the “Seven Deadly Marketing Sins”. These mistakes can be really detrimental to a business, so it’s really important to know exactly what you’re doing before diving in head-first (or worse…

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Why Your Business Should Consider Seasonal Branding

halloween pumpkin seasonal branding

Do you ever feel like seasonal branding is something that only big companies do? Well, that’s not strictly true, it can be for everyone. Seasonal branding can involve changing your company’s logos and colours to match the season. It’s a great way to increase sales and customer engagement by reminding people of what they love…

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What is Email Automation? A Beginner’s Guide

hello neon sign email automation

Have you been wanting to email your customers more often but not sure how? If so, email automation might be the answer. Email automation is a great way for small businesses to stay in touch with their clients without having to manually email them all the time! In this guide, we’ll cover what email automation…

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The Key to Branding a Successful Business in Milton Keynes

milton keynes business branding

If you have a business in the busy Milton Keynes district, marketing can be one of your biggest challenges. With so many businesses competing for attention, it’s hard to really make your marketing stand out. We’re going to cover some invaluable marketing and branding tips that you need to get noticed in a commercially dense…

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Websites Are Threatening The Planet: How It Hurts

earth sustainable websites green

Websites have become a part of our everyday lives. They are used for business, entertainment, and even research. But what most people don’t know is how much environmental impact websites actually have. Let’s take a look at website sustainability and how companies can work to reduce their digital carbon footprint. The internet is one of…

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How Much Should SEO Cost You? (& Is It Worth It?)

seo text texture 3d

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the core of all digital marketing strategies. Keeping on top of your SEO ensures that you’re in the fight for that top spot in relevant searches.  When you make it onto the first page of Google for your keywords you’ll be; driving traffic to your site, capturing leads and converting…

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6 Valuable Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Cereal Brands

yumyum cereal box marketing

If there was an award for the most eye-catching aisle in the supermarket, the cereal aisle would be the undisputed winner. After all, cereal is one of the most heavily marketed food items out there. Cereal marketers have developed some nifty techniques to stay relevant in a competitive industry.  Surely there are some valuable techniques…

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